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Landscaping on the South-Shore, Brossard and St-Hubert

CLP will consult with you on site, will study and analyse the landscaping site or location, will prepare and explain the estimate and will execute the work in respect to your needs, your image and your preferences.

Always on the lookout for new trends, he designs and achieves great distinct landscaping projects such as sod installation, a terrace, a pool corner, a spa, a fountain, a walkway, a driveway or a water garden.


Uni stone has been used for years to embellish sidewalks, walkways and even driveways. With time, techniques and models of Uni stone evolved but the basis of Uni stone stayed the same: A surface consisting of several small pieces able to withstand temperature changes and trampling wear. In addition to being durable and without too much maintenance, Uni stone harmonizes wonderfully with plants and allows to create urban oases.

Installation of Uni stone should be done on a solid base. CLP will recommend the proper base for the type of work to be performed.

Stairs in a garden connect in a aesthetic way different parts or sections of different levels. If your garden has several levels of slopes than the garden stairs becomes essential.

landscaping south-shore


The construction of a wall can be intended to retain earth from a terrace, a slope or a flower bed. It can also be designed to protect reliefs, separate different sections of the yard and delimitation of space. The walls provide a note of remarkable elegance specially when combined with colorful flower beds.

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Caps and pool contour


Flower boxes embellish window sides, walkways and anything surrounding your terrace or house. It animates and completes a spa, a pool or a garden. Flower boxes are a finishing touch of a project.


The garden is the metamorphosis of a fantasy, myth or dream but transformed into physical reality. Because a plantation lives and flourishes throughout the year, CLP will give life to stones and flower beds as magical as you would want it to be. His objective consists of creating a calm and peaceful environment. He takes charge of many different varieties of plants and flowers such as: cedars, hedges, trees, fruit trees, bushes, perennial plants, annual flowers, grass and more...

CLP offers original ideas while choosing different types of plants that will adapt to your garden, climate and surroundings. He will elaborate your plantation to get the fastest and healthiest growth results with reasonable maintenance.


Natural Stones are a part of natural elements of your environment. They are used to build houses, garden walls, walkways and fences. They are loved because they are resistant and eternal. Their form and size vary but their color doesn't vary during and after usage. They stay shinny and flamboyant. Natural stones offer a durability and are never out of style.


Asphalt is a durable material. It is cheaper than Uni stone and can be used to save costs on bigger surfaces.


We also offer smaller jobs such as : Grass repairs damaged by frost, animals or frequent passage, drainage of land or re sloping, installation of a tree, shrubs or a little flower bed.

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