A 5-year guarantee for your landscaping projects

Christian Lafontaine paysagiste in Brossard and on the South Shore offers the best warranty in the industry: a 5-year labour warranty on all landscaping and maintenance work:

  • Plain paving stone
  • Low retaining walls,
  • Concrete covering,
  • Steps, block landings, patios, parking areas, pavements.

We believe we are the best, and that's why we guarantee it to all our customers. Our work is carried out without subcontracting, from excavation, backfilling, compaction, levelling, laying and finishing.

Christian Lafontaine, member and holder of the Techo-Pro certification

Christian Lafontaine Paysagiste meets Techo-bloc's standards of excellence and is a certified Techo-Pro contractor. Techo Bloc, the paver manufacturer, has awarded us the Techo-pro certificate as a reliable landscaping and maintenance company.

In addition to offering its customers a 5-year warranty, Christian Lafontaine Paysagiste performs all its exterior landscaping work in accordance with Techo-Bloc installation standards and the industry's code of ethics. We also have a valid general liability insurance policy and worker's compensation coverage.

By being Techo Pro certified, we can guarantee:

Methods and techniques that meet strict quality standards

Extensive experience in landscaping

A highly qualified team at the service of your landscaping projects

Quality customer service, which is our top priority

A commitment to continuous learning and training to provide you with the best possible response to your landscaping needs.

The guarantee and standards we offer ensure the true quality and durability of our landscaping work. That's why we do everything we can to ensure that the beauty of your project lasts for years to come.


5470 rue Ramsay
J3Y 2S4

R.B.Q 5704-9611

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