Procedures to offer you the best possible snow removal service

Christian Lafontaine Paysagiste is improving the quality of its snow removal service with a brand new management system and equipment that meets your needs.

Follosoft - Our new management system to give you the best possible snow clearance service

- You'll be informed in real time when the snow removal team arrives! You'll receive a message or a call, depending on your preference, 15 minutes beforehand so that you have time to move your vehicle. No more cars in the street or parking tickets!

- With our management and tracking system, we know exactly when your driveway will be cleared of snow and if there was a vehicle in the yard. Our teams are sure not to miss a single snow-clearing operation! The snow clearance of your space is guaranteed.

- Call us and choose option 7 for real-time information on the weather and the procedures in place.

Because we want to offer you the best possible service, we've put in the resources to meet your expectations for the snow clearance of your spaces for this new season.

Need residential snow clearance in Brossard or St-Hubert, or commercial snow clearance? Call our teams today to make an appointment!


5470 rue Ramsay
J3Y 2S4

R.B.Q 5704-9611

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